Talks, Conferences and Achievements

Hackathons and other achievements:

  • WRO (World Robot Olympiad): Received a $1500 sponsorship to develop a LEGO Mindstorms Robot for Robomission Seniors Challenge: (Qualified for National level)
  • WRO media:,
  • Grand Prize awarded by Dr. David EagleMan in Neosensory Competition. Awarded a project grant (USD 1000) and hardware (USD 500) for the Research on HapticCV:,
  • 3rd Place in Arm Devsummit Competition Globally: Awarded (USD 1000) for the research and (USD 300) hardware to scale the project further:
  • Hackster UN Impact Prize in Eyes on Edge TinyML challenge: Awarded $250 for the Research and to meet sustainable development goals through the research.,
  • Runner Up in US-China Young Maker Competition: Developed a Machine Learning approach to detecting anomalies in Vaccine Storage systems.,
  • 2nd place Touch Less Do More Arduino Hackathon: Received $3250 for the project “Spectrino”, an IoT and Embedded system suite to establish touch free human-machine interactions.,
  • BuildWithAI: Runner Ups in Data Visualization Category - Developed person density monitoring system in supermarkets to help curb covid spread. Received $500.

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