Research Internships and Contributions

  • Machine Learning Intern at EdgeImpulse (Jan 2021 - Present) - Worked with colleagues remotely on Embedded Systems, quantization of ML models (largely MobileNet), and also was a significant contributor to EON Tuner with Daniel Sitayunake, which received the Best Edge AI Developer Tool at Edge AI and Vision Alliance.

  • Summer Intern at Luxonis Corp. (Feb 2021 - August 2021) - Worked with the community on custom-use case development and implementation. Apart from this, developed the depthai API to develop algorithms and integrate Spatial Perception to Computer Vision Models, using the OpenVINO model framework.

  • Research Intern at SERI Harvard Medical School under Prof. Ayush Kumar (Jan 2022 - Present) - Spatial Perception and Navigation algorithms for early collision detection. Further, working on Monocular depth estimation and 3D coordinate extraction for semantic understanding of the objects that are gazed upon by hemineglect to understand behaviour and dwell time.

  • Community Researcher at Neosensory (November 2021 - Present): Continuation of work HapticCV with a team of researchers and under Dr. David Eagleman to commercialize the application and research on improving existing algorithms for the work.

  • Founder at SchemoBotics (Jun 2019 - August 2020): Developed an E-commerce website for Research electronic components like Development boards, SBCs, MCUs, Drones, IoT boards etc. (