Talks, Conferences and Achievements

Research Papers and Conferences -

  • Paper Accepted to SmartFarm IEEE Bigdata 2021: S21201 “Plant Growth and LAI Estimation using quantized Embedded Regression models for high throughput phenotyping”.
  • Panelist - TinyML Asia Conference 2021 (Video Poster): Paper “Plant Growth and LAI Estimation using quantized Embedded Regression models for high throughput phenotyping” accepted as a video poster.
  • Paper accepted to 19th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2021) (Core A* Ranking): Paper “ElastiCL: Elastic Quantization for Communication Efficient Collaborative Learning in IoT” accepted to Sensys.
  • Lightning talk at North American Plant Phenotyping Network (NAPPN 2022) conference: Paper “Spatio-temporal generation of morphological Plant features for yield prediction before harvest from Visual Image input using Progressively Growing GANs” accepted to the conference.
  • Program Committee member at CAIML 2022. (Suggestions on event coordination and reviewer for the research received)
  • Promoted to a professional member at ACM for contributions to conferences.
  • Research Poster accepted at Core A* rank ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks 2022 for “Embedded ML Pipeline for Precision Agriculture.
  • Research Paper accepted at ICPA (International Conference on Precision Agriculture) 2022.

These conferences and events have exposed me to networking on further prospects in the Research proposed and connecting with people in the same domain

National Awards:

  • Grand Award Winner at IRIS (Initiative for Research and innovation in Science): To represent India at ISEF (Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair) as ISEF finalist
  • Gold Medal recipient at INSEF (Indian Science & Engineering Fair): To represent India at The International Genius Olympiad.

Hackathons and other achievements:

  • Grand Prize awarded by Dr. David EagleMan in Neosensory Competition. Awarded a project grant (USD 1000) and hardware (USD 500) for the Research on HapticCV:,
  • 3rd Place in Arm Devsummit Competition Globally: Awarded (USD 1000) for the research and (USD 300) hardware to scale the project further:
  • Hackster UN Impact Prize in Eyes on Edge TinyML challenge: Awarded $250 for the Research and to meet sustainable development goals through the research.,
  • Runner Up in US-China Young Maker Competition: Developed a Machine Learning approach to detecting anomalies in Vaccine Storage systems.,
  • 2nd place Touch Less Do More Arduino Hackathon: Received $3250 for the project “Spectrino”, an IoT and Embedded system suite to establish touch free human-machine interactions.,
  • BuildWithAI: Runner Ups in Data Visualization Category - Developed person density monitoring system in supermarkets to help curb covid spread. Received $500.

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