World Robot Olympiad

Projects using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and Robot Inventor Kit built pre and post WRO competition

Received a $1500 sponsorship to develop a LEGO Mindstorms Robot for Robomission Seniors Challenge. File sent to sponsors to pitch the amount to enter the competition and cover the cost for buying a Robotics Kit.

WRO work in progress videos:

First try with gripping arm

Uh oh, herculios

Managed to bring it to the right speed

Looks decent now :D


Autonomous Ejection Mechanism

Hitting the roads

Some projects built using Lego Mindstorms till now:

Human-Computer Interaction Robotic Arm

(Work in Progress) Project for my internship at EdgeImpulse: Developing a Human-Robot Interaction based Robotic Arm, integrating Spatial AI and Computer Vision to classify human gestures for completing simple tasks to assist people with hand-tremors. This project utilizes EdgeImpulse’s FOMO algorithm for Object Detection. It is relatively a small project as of now (just a prototype) making use of robotic arms for patients having hand tremors. There have been similar projects (e.g. emPRISE lab at Cornell: where they develop assistive robotic arms to assist patients in a completely autonomous way to feed patients with disabilities. While my approach is nowhere close to their scale, I’m trying to develop a simple robotic arm that responds to human interactions in real time using much less computation. So - I’m trying to use a device called OAK-D ( to capture a patient’s movements in the 3D space and based on the gestures - trying to maneuver a robotic arm accordingly such that it assists the patients in certain tasks.

Some progress: (There are 2 models being built - one using Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor kit and other using Lego Mindstorms EV3 to incorporate constraints of both the sets.)

1) Lego Mindstorms EV3: image image image image

One claw should be good enough

Two claws bare minimum

Onwards and Upwards

2) Using the Robot Inventor Kit

3 claws and that's it, I swear

image image image image image